Dyslexic Self Esteem, Suggestions for Therapy or Mentoring/Coaching

Dyslexics are Amazing!

1 in 5 people have dyslexia. Dyslexia is a neurodiverse gift (50% of people at NASA are dyslexic) accompanied by challenges arising out of the conventional school system where dyslexics are not supported (50% of youth in the juvenile justice system have dyslexia/LD). Dyslexic kids take an enormous hit to their self esteem which has lifetime consequences. Also many people are dyslexic and don’t know it because they haven’t been tested and so can’t make sense of their school experience and the fallout after. A common theme is that School Was Hell. Gershen Kaufman, PhD says, “Reading disabilities often match in intensity the level of shame associated with incest.” 

Somatic psychotherapy (which includes mindfulness and the whole brain, body, and psyche) is a highly effective method to support dyslexic clients on the path to finding their self esteem. It must be coupled with trauma work as healing trauma (trauma, PTSD, panic attacks, anxiety) is an essential need for dyslexics who have suffered through the conventional education system. Together these two methods really serve these amazing folks. We are all about helping the dyslexic community home to their self esteem and so created our website Dyslexic Self Esteem. We offer a wealth of information about what dyslexia is on our website. We are also one of the only websites which offers an understanding of the emotional impact of growing up dyslexic and suggestions for healing and support. Every page has an audio for those who would rather listen than read. How did I get interested in dyslexia? My partner Joseph is profoundly dyslexic and profoundly amazing! We primarily offer this website as a public service, and are thrilled that people all over the world are finding us! And we also appreciate referrals. We also offer a section on how dyslexics can best select a therapist or coach who really understands their perspective. You can learn more here: https://dyslexicselfesteem.com 

Warmly, Kathleen and Joseph

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