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You’re dyslexic? Wow! That means you have some amazing gifts! The planet needs your unique brilliance


As many of you have found in your travels through life as a dyslexic, there are not a lot of resources available to explain what it means emotionally to be dyslexic. There are even less resources to help you have a positive outlook and positive self esteem. We’ve created this website to give you accurate information about your journey through life as a dyslexic, and also to help you embody your fantastic gifts as a dyslexic person. As you journey through our pages, our hope is that what you find will alleviate and heal the negative stigma associated with dyslexia, and help you reach the fulfillment that is your birthright as the amazing dyslexic person that you are.  

One of the amazing things about dyslexics is that each of you has your own expression of your strengths and challenges. No one dyslexic is like another. The diversity of your gifts is extraordinary! You will find prominent dyslexics in the fields of Arts and Humanities, Architecture, Engineering, Entrepreneurship and Leadership. Your Iphone, the car, the light bulb, and the airplane are only a few of the many things dyslexics have given the world. 

Learn About Dyslexia 

Dyslexics are here on this earth to do great things! They have all the necessary gifts and skills to create a positive future for themselves and for humanity. Did you know that 50% of NASA employees are dyslexic. And that at the nation’s top engineering school, dyslexia is known as the “MIT disease” because dyslexics are so brilliant and there are so many of them there. 

Dyslexia is a learning difference, it is not a learning disability. If the gene pool didn’t want to have dyslexia, it would have long since thrown you, the dyslexic, in the dust bin of genetics. Instead, according to renowned physician, Sally Shaywitz, M.D., co-founder of the Yale Center for Dyslexia and Creativity, 1 in 5 people—that's 20% of the population—are dyslexic! We need you! 

Consider all the unique thinkers, inventors, artists, leaders and musicians who have brought their unique vision to the world not in spite of, but because of their dyslexic gifts! Leonardo Da Vinci, Winston Churchill, John F. Kennedy, Picasso, Agatha Christie and John Lennon are just a few of your many dyslexic brothers and sisters!  

The Learn About Dyslexia pages provide information about how the dyslexic brain works, and the unique gifts, challenges and tradeoffs of the dyslexic thinking process.  

Self Esteem and Healing Hurt 

Most people weren’t educated in a formal school system until the mid-1800s, which is where the trouble began. The conventional education system offers a one-size-fits-all teaching approach which abandons dyslexics. This is painfully apparent in what happens to our youth: 32% of students with dyslexia/LD drop out of high school or do not receive a regular diploma, and 50% of youth in the juvenile justice system have dyslexia/LD. This is a sad and unnecessary outcome. It has also been shown that the methods which benefit dyslexic learning are also beneficial for non-dyslexic children.   

There are many systems, educational and social, that seem to be hell bent on destroying dyslexic people’s self esteem, and not many resources to empower them. So we made the decision to make this website to self empower you.  

There are websites available that explain the neurodiversity of the dyslexic brain, and others which provide guidance for a dyslexic child’s learning process. However, there isn’t much information available about the real hit to self esteem, the tragic loss of self expression and the life that could have been, and the resulting life long sorrow and disbelief in oneself which arises out of educational and social experiences growing up dyslexic.  

It is often the experience of dyslexics that school is hell, and every day can feel like a forced march into a war zone. We feel it’s vital to name the very specific hurts and resulting negative beliefs in order to bear witness to the suffering. It’s important to be able to give a name to what happened to you, and have that witnessed and understood because that is part of the healing journey. And we feel it’s so crucial that you understand that the hurt is what happened to you, it is not who you are or ever were. You are amazing and we want you to know that. To support you in your healing journey, we have provided what we call “Help on the Quest” which are suggestions, inspirations and concrete steps you can take to reclaim your self esteem and your birthright of incredible creativity and unique vision. Look for this information in the Self Esteem and Healing Hurt pages. 

As you raise your awareness of your gifts, you can embrace them; as you become aware of your challenges, you can find support; and as you become aware of your limiting beliefs, you can transform them into nourishing, true beliefs that reflect your uniqueness and your power.  

Therapy and Mentoring 

You will need support for healing your trauma and profound shame. We want you to be able to reach out for help to therapists and mentors/coaches. However, many professionals do not understand the dyslexic experience, and if they don’t they won’t meet your needs as a dyslexic! Our website provides a list of therapeutic modalities that best serve dyslexic clients, and a checklist for you to use to vet your prospective professional to make sure they fully understand the needs of a dyslexic. Learn more at Therapy and Mentoring

Joseph and Kathleen 

Joseph Feusi is available worldwide as a mentor/coach for dyslexic clients; and also as a consultant for professionals who work with dyslexic clients. He is a dyslexic himself, and knows the journey from the inside out. Learn more at Joseph Feusi, Mentor and Consultant

Kathleen Dunbar is available in California and Florida as a psychotherapist for dyslexic clients; and also worldwide as a consultant for professionals who work with dyslexic clients. She became passionate about dyslexia because her partner, Joseph, is profoundly dyslexic and profoundly amazing! Learn more at Kathleen Dunbar, Psychotherapist and Consultant

We believe in you! You are the future! We’re here to empower dyslexics and inspire you to reclaim your positive self esteem! 

Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life? 
—Mary Oliver

Be yourself; everyone else is already taken. 
—Oscar Wilde

What I do is me. For that I came.  
—Gerard Manley Hopkins