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Shaman's Stone

Shaman’s Stone 
by Kathleen Dunbar 

At the heart of your experience is You. 
And though your Essence may not be weighed, 
is not palpable or seen, 
that Mystery makes you all the more Sacred. 
Seek for yourself, and love the…

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Dogs Don't Care

Dogs Don’t Care

Dogs as a whole 
don't care what they look like 
(except perhaps for poodles).  
Let yourself find that dignity 
and freedom 
that creatures know 
—let the sense of you being you 
in the moment 
just as you…

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Take-Anywhere, Awesome Reset Practice 

The Body says: 
I am a fiesta. 

—Eduardo Galeano 

Here's an easy practice to press your reset button. It quickly gets your brain and body producing harmony-hormones instead of stress-hormones. 

Take-Anywhere, Awesome Reset Practice: 

  • Big stretch 
  • Yawn 
  • Sigh out…
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Stop and Smell The Roses

When you literally stop and smell the roses, your heart lifts, and your brain and body give you feel-good signals that help shift the rest of your day. Where are the roses for you? Here's a photo of my neighbors'…

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Coming Home to Your Untarnishable Golden Self

All your choices have brought you to this moment. You did the best you could. Thank the voices that criticize you by telling them “I know you’re only trying to help.” I mean it—really do this—thank them! That's an audacious…

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