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You’re dyslexic? Wow! That means you have some amazing gifts! The planet needs your unique brilliance!

What you'll find on these pages: 

These pages and articles are dedicated to understanding: 

  • What dyslexia is. 
  • The unique challenges of growing up dyslexic on emotional wellbeing: key areas of difficulty and suggestions for support. 
  • The kinds of psychotherapy and mentoring/coaching that are best suited for dyslexics. 
  • Resources: Videos of dyslexics speaking about their experiences; books and articles; inspiration and information. 

To learn more about a particular struggle, and for some suggestions and help along the way, click on any of the following: 

Please note, the exercises you will find here are not meant to replace professional help. If you find that they are activating to you, please seek the guidance of a professional. 

The Story of Joseph 

What is your story, or the story of a dyslexic in your life? How I got interested in dyslexia—my partner Joseph. Follow this link: